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Friday, February 1, 2013

A GOP Pack of Baying Hounds

One commenter to a NYT article on Hagel's confirmation hearing described the nominee as seeming to be "not very bright." We awake from our self-imposee winter torpor to state unequivocally that  any comparison between Hagel and the room-temperature crowd of baying hounds that represents the Senate GOP inquisitors is immeasurably to Hagel's benefit. We have seldom witnessed such a crowd of chuffed-up baboons outside of the DC zoo. Throughout it all Hagel, who is every bit as right wing as the typical Republican, maintained a air of dignity tinged with a faint air of tristesse as what has become of the GOP. One only has to summon up the cretins: Imhofe, Cruz, Graham (and we say this with an air of sadness ourselves) and most of all, McCain, who has sunk into a mire of degradation such that we have seldom witnessed in a formerly respectable public figure. But perhaps his standing as near the bottom in his class at the USNA, should have foretold this. 

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