Ned Pepper's Outrages

Monday, March 12, 2012

Winning the hearts and minds: Afghanistan, vol. XII

Ned's friends will no doubt be aware of the US mercenaries' latest attempt at 'winning the hearts and minds' of those yokels in Afghanistan: a sergeant, 'acting alone,'apparently murdered at least 16 Afghans, most of them children, in a rampage one of their generals called, characteristically, "an isolated event." Except, as Ned's friends know, it was anything but isolated, as it follows on the heels of atrocity after atrocity, with women and children murdered, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And we can't blame this one on that war criminal George Bush, can we?
'The fault, Horatio, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves,' in that we as a nation are so soul-less that we would permit such outrages without the faintest whimper of complaint.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Nation of Sneaks

Our friends at have alerted us to a story, about a former Dem candidate for Governor of New Jersey. Seems he dressed up as a homeless person, complete with matted hair, soiled clothing, erratic behavior, and fake tattoo, to try to pass himself off as homeless, in order, he said, to find out if single, mentally impaired homeless men were 'discriminated against' in favor of women and children.
Now, no doubt some of Ned's friends will applaud such selfless, public spirited behavior, but we see it as something more sinister, a step in the slow but steady conversion of this country into a Stalinist society of sneaks, liars, stooges and snitches. All across the country, honest, well-meaning employees and volunteers are having to deal with hired sneaks, often paid by their employers, who come to their place of business and lie about themselves and their purpose in order to try to get them to do something that their employees would find incorrect, and which could get them reprimanded or even fired. In addition, they are often recorded or photographed without being so informed, contrary to federal law.
We feel this may explain the often exasperating behavior of TSA employees in airports, Deputy Dawgs mainly, forcing old ladies to undergo indignities and everyone to be searched and humiliated in order to pass through "security."
We feel this is one of the growth industries in this decadent country, hired sneaks to try to corrupt honest employees and volunteers, along with dog walkers and 'groomers,' security guards and leaf blower operators.
Contemptible, contemptible behavior, but after all, what can we expect from a society growing more ignorant every day, a trend that is celebrated by the GOP pinhead presidential candidates and their enablers, lickspittles and toadies.