Ned Pepper's Outrages

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Anniversary of a Bush Outrage!

Ten years ago today, Aug 21, 2002, Ned's friends will no doubt recall these comments from then-generalissimo and widely acknowledged war criminal George Bush: "No decision has been made on Iraq, but we believe the world would benefit by regime change." Of course all Ned's friends know that was just one of the many blatant, felonious lies told by that lizard. But Ned suspects that, having heard this fatuous remark from Bush, billions of the world's citizens would have cried: "Yes! Regime change! For America first!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anniv of Social Security!

On this date in 1935, over the frenzied objection of reactionaries and neanderthals of the GOP, FDR signed the Social Security Act into law. Since about 1940 it has been the bulwark against dire poverty for oldsters in this country. And of course the present-day neanderthals and reactionaries, led by Paul Ryan, that valiant "intellectual" seeker-after-truth with a BS degree from some bumscratch college who is Romney's VP choice, hate it even more. They would have geezerdom crawl to the back door of some church or McMansion in a gated community, where they would beg for food that the cat wouldn't eat.
There you have the choice facing Americans today.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sickly TV commentator

Today Ned had to experience a phrase, completely involuntarily, that almost made him disgorge his victuals. A TV commentator of the female persuasion made this observation about some US woman who had just won an olympic medal of some sort, in a sickly sugary, oh-so-sincere voice: "Tonight her star was shining super bright." Ned vanished before he had to listen to any more, but would recommend this sort of treatment to elucidate information from the most hardened "terrorists" in Guantanamo.

Financial Crash 5th Anniversary

Ned would like to remind his many friends that today, August 9th, is the fifth anniversary of the financial crash that has cost all of us little people our sense of well-being. On this day in 2007, BNP Paribas, a Plutocrat-run French bank, announced that it was sustaining big losses on subprime mortgages, a class of mortgage that should never have been issued but for the greed and depravity of the mortgage and banking industries. Before we knew it, the economy had tanked, George Bush had been replaced by Barack Obama, the FDIC had stolen Ned's Washington Mutual stock and given it to JPM Chase, while the Plutocracy was still entrenched in the seats of power, running the world for their own personal benefit, and to hell with anyone else. Plus ca change, plus le meme chose. Or as our friends of The Who memorably sang, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daily Economics Lesson

Ned offers another of his Invaluable Economics Lessons. Today's is the difference between price and cost. Americans believe the things are the same. Not so. Take toilet paper. Many persons will drive miles to a Walmart to get twelve rolls for some preposterously cheap price. Then they will proceed to use ten times as much, imagining it is 'cheap.' Others will buy a few rolls of environmentally sensitive paper at a higher cost, but will use less. Ned suggests that the ultimate price each pays is the same. And as a further example, take industrial meat. The corn and soybeans used for feed contribute to the degradation of the Gulf of Mexico and the poisoning of the Mississippi River. But that cost is not included in the price gluttonous persons pay to devour their pound of flesh.
Thus ends Ned's economics lesson for today.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Heroic Vincennes

Ned's friends will no doubt be glad to learn that today is the anniversary of an historic deed carried out by one of our Heroic Fighters for Freedom and Defenders of Liberty, the USS Vincennes. On "patrol" (Ned would say on provocation duty) in the Persian Gulf, the Vincennes shot down an Iranian airliner, killing all on board. Later the "Pentagon" said it was all a mistake and they were sorry. The year was 1988.