Ned Pepper's Outrages

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The GOP and Immigration

Ned's many friends are no doubt aware of the crushing commitments on a Head like his. He has just been to Our Nation's Capital on a mission of the greatest importance and now is continuing his work on yet another Literary Thunderbolt in collaboration with Prof Dr Q A Wagstaff FRS OBE. He has taken a Pause from his literary labours to warn his friends against Wolves in Sheeps Clothing: to wit, the modern GOP's ham-fisted approach to immigration. Many of the Reptiles in the House say they are for a "Path to Residency."What they mean is they do not support eventual citizenship for our illegal friends because that would allow them to vote, and as they are all too aware, no sensible, thinking person of colour votes GOP. Therefore we admonish our Democratic friends not to be taken in by such chicanery. The GOP reptiles, as usual, are counting on their listeners to be as ignorant as their benighted supporters. Beware. Beware!