Ned Pepper's Outrages

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ned's Inactivity and Climate Change

For a variety of reasons Ned has been inactive of late. Partly it is because he has had little to say that he hasn't already said (he thought about writing a post on the lamentable tendency of some to use the dreadful phrase 'doubling down' but lost interest), partly because he has been disgusted by the 'candidates' for the GOP presidential nomination, and partly because he has been becalmed by dreadful winter weather and annoying maladies. But it was also that he is becoming more fearful (or is it resigned?) to the fact that in spite of billions in research money and millions of person-hours of research, the inhabitants of this planet seem determined to walk into a climate change disaster which could have been prevented. Latest we have two pieces of evidence: the Keystone pipeline debacle, which threatens to increase production of the filthy hydrocarbons from Canadian tar sands, and this week, the report that the Mongolians are planning to open the Mother Of All Coal Mines, set to produce 420 million tonnes of coal a year, most of it destined for China, to allow them to destroy what is left of the western world's manufacturing capacity, and further flood the world with schlocky Christmas ornaments and other such drivel.
We are planning to cultivate our garden and wait for better days, should the weather ever permit.