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Thursday, November 29, 2012

F 35: Our Latest Insanity

As New York and New Jersey begin to emerge from the destruction of that Category One (the smallest) Hurricane, the Pentagon (read: War Department) is going merrily ahead with plans to spend $394 billion for the so-called "Joint Strike Fighter."This latest dose of madness was conceived in an era when we had the "enemy" of the USSR. Last time we looked, the USSR was no more. And the F35 cannot prevent another dozen terrorists from diving planes into cities, should they so decide to do so.
What prompted our latest outrage is the fact that all across this pathetic country infrastructure, from bridges, to roads, to rails, to mass transit, to water and sewage systems, is collapsing under our very noses, and all we can think of to do is build more obscene fighter jets, nuclear carriers and submarines that we don't need and can't afford. Hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage gushed into the waters of the East Coast, and in some cases, continue to gush because "no one could have foreseen" the destruction of this pipsqueak hurricane.
Just wait 'til a REAL one comes along. But at least we'll have the F35 to bomb wedding parties in Afghanistan and drones to bomb schools in Pakistan. We can console ourselves with that as our homes float away in our own sewage.

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